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Satellite High-speed Internet is the Best Connection for Rural Customers

Rural customers often think they only have two options for Internet: dial-up and DSL. Both, however, have limitations.

Satellite Internet is the best option for rural customers for multiple reasons. It’s better than dial-up because it’s faster and won’t prevent simultaneous phone and Internet usage. It’s available in more areas than DSL. In fact, satellite high-speed Internet from HughesNet® is available where you live in the contiguous United States.

Satellite high-speed Internet uses high-end technology, but the satellite Internet process itself is fairly simple to understand.

How do people get Internet by satellite?

Internet by satellite – how does it work? It’s a simple process. There are three satellite dishes – one on your house, one in outer space and one at the Hughes corporate office. When you’re using the Internet, your dish sends a signal to the dish in space, which then relays that signal back to Earth at the Hughes office.

While your signal travels thousands of miles, Internet by satellite is very fast. It’s much faster than dial-up and isn’t slowed by distance from your provider like DSL.

That’s another benefit of satellite high-speed Internet: it’s not dependent on your phone line or cable line. Instead of waiting days at a time to get service back if your line goes down, there’s no need to worry about that at all! With Internet by satellite, you get something called an “always-on” connection. This means that HughesNet service can’t be interrupted by problems with your phone or cable line, unlike dial-up and DSL.

Satellite Internet access is valuable in this regard for its convenience. With Internet by satellite, you’re always connected – no matter what.

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