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Why choose HughesNet Satellite Internet in Washington?

HughesNet is chock full of features that make using the Internet more enjoyable. Not only do the fast speeds mean you’ll spend less time waiting on downloads and more time enjoying the content, it’s more affordable than you might think!

Service plans are offered in a variety of staggered usage amounts and all our WA customers can decide if they’d rather lease or own their equipment, too. HughesNet may just be the most affordable Internet option in your area, and with so many options it’s easy to choose the plan that’s right for you and your family!

Can I Get HughesNet Everywhere in Washington?

HughesNet Satellite Internet is available in all 48 states of the continental US. If you’ve got a view of the southern sky and you’re ready and waiting for faster, easier Internet satellite is right for you!

Our professional installation experts will work with you on the right way to get hooked up to the web – every home is different which is why all our installations are custom. A licensed technician will come to you and complete the entire process – no worrying, no headaches! And once you’re hooked up to HughesNet WA you’ll also have access to 24/7 tech support so you’ll never use the web alone.

Satellite Internet vs Dial-Up

It’s easy to see why so many people in Washington, and all over the US, are switching to HughesNet. Dial up can be slow and clunky and who wants to tie up their phone line just to use the Internet? Satellite means you’ve got access with or without a phone line, not to mention speeds you won’t believe if you’re used to crawling dial up. Call today to find out why satellite Internet is the option you’ve been looking for.

Not only will you enjoy easier Internet access when you make the switch but you’ll also get up to five free email addresses, too! With HughesNet’s secure web browsing features you can be sure you’re safe while using the web – from browsing your email to visiting unknown websites we keep you safe with virus and SPAM protection.

People in Washington Love HughesNet

There are so many things you can do with a super-fast connection from HughesNet WA. You can plan a trip to your favorite vacation spot or print out coupons for your favorite luxury stores, look up movie times, renew your car registration and even pay your bills over the web when you’ve got faster Internet on your side…what are you waiting for?

Our Washington customers know the secret’s out – HughesNet Satellite Internet is a faster, more affordable option in their area. DSL speeds can vary widely depending on where you live and dial up is painfully slow: HughesNet is the answer to a better Internet experience. Call today to talk to a technician about your plan options and how little it’s going to cost you to get started with satellite Internet. You’ll be sorry you waited so long to make the move!

HughesNet is Washington’s choice for Satellite Internet and it’s also the number one satellite provider in all the US – call now toll-free to find out more!

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